About Us

Get to know Epique Events & Gifts

Epique Events & Gifts is a full service event management and gifting solution company. We provide excellence in event production from start to finish as well as unique and authentic gift basket and floral arrangements for every occasion. We focus on creating excellent relationships with your business clients as well as personal relationships and family. We understand that each person and company has their own unique needs, and we aim to fit those needs with an ultimate solution that takes the hassle out of your relationship building. 

Whether you have an event in mind that you'd like help creating, an existing event that you could use an experienced hand involved, or your sending a gift to a client, family member or friend, we are here for you to make your life easier and put you a cut above in your relationships. 

épique - Fr. for Epic - Pronunciation: /epik/ 

Slang Definition: Spectacular; Very Impressive; Awesome.

We strive to make your events and gifts spectacular and awesome! We will help you and your company look like rock stars!